The high level of skills among tourism personnel in Slovenia is reflected in the high-quality and diverse range of services for tourists, in the technical staff employed by tourism and catering service providers, and most of all in the tourist guides. These are the people with whom you can experience Slovenia. These are the people who know how to look after you, to listen to what you want and to free you from organisational and other hassles related to travel. Experiencing Slovenia with a tourist guide is an extra that is well worth the investment.
Only with a license 
The job of tourist guide cannot be done in Slovenia by people who for instance regard travel as a hobby or who just think that knowing the local environment and being generally aware is sufficient qualification. In Slovenia tourist guides are only those who have passed a tough professional exam in tourist guiding at the Slovenian Chamber of Tourism and Catering, and they can prove this with a tourist guide ID card. 

You will be guided by the best guides of Slovenia! 

Long times ago, people who sacrifice their sleep, family, food, laughter and other joys of life were called SAINTS. But now, they are called PROFESSIONAL TOURGUIDES!


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