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Dental tourism


Dear patients from abroad!

Let us take care of your dental needs. Do so with confidence. Our prices are low compared to prices in the European Union or the United States because of the lower price of labour in our country. However, our doctors are of the highest calibre and regularly take courses with lecturers from Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, United States, Canada, etc. The materials we use are the best on the market (GC, Astra Tech, Ultradent, Ivoclar Vivadent, Coltene, etc.), and the work we do is up to par with anything you could get done back home. We take a personal approach each and every time, speak English flawlessly and take pride in giving fair and top quality treatment to every patient. 

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Here are the prices of our most commonly sought after procedures and services. If there is anything you cannot find on this pricelist but would like to know about – please ask for a quote. Or simply send us your panoramic xray through our online form and we will give you a free initial estimate of your dental needs and potential expenses.

Metal ceramic crown 210€
Zirconium based crown 400€
Endodontic treatment (per canal) 65€
Composite filling 50€
Ceramic inlay 330€
Inlay bridge (zirconium, per inlay) 330€
Inlay bridge (metal ceramic, per inlay) 225€
Ceramic veneer 330€
Implant (Astra) 600€
Implant with a crown 1050€
Teeth whitening (complete) 200€

We recognize the fact that our patients from abroad are usually on a tight schedule and trying to have a s much work as possible done in the shortest possible amount of time. However, our regular prosthetics production time is around 10 working days. Please allow for 20% increase in the prices of crowns, inlays, veneers and dentures in case our dental laboratory has to work over the weekend or after working hours in order to accomodate your specific needs or travel plans. 


As for the "pleasure" part of your visit, here we have created some basic guidelines on how to get around our city without too much trouble, where to grab a meal and of course, where to stay in Zagreb. Naturally, we could sum up some a fraction of everything you can do and see during your stay in Croatia. What we can do is give you advice on anything you could possibly be interested in. Whether it's Croatia's or Slovenia's culture and history, nightlife, sports, nature or just a bit of everything you are looking for, we will be there to point you in the right direction and make sure that your time between dental appointments is time well spent.


Choose a some Day Trips with a professional tourguide and find out a lot of interesting facts about a history of croatians... Visit some of astonish national parks , galleries, museums , some of beautiful adriatic coast cities! Or, You can go to Day trips to Slovenia, Italy, Austria or Hungary! We will help and organise for You a Day guided trip with the best tourguides. 

Here is the list of Day trips for you +

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